Computer Architecture and Systems Research (CASR) Lab

Computer Architecture and Systems Research (CASR) is a research group at University of Central Florida. Our CASR lab works in the areas of computer architecture, systems and security. As computing is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and specialized, ensuring secure and high-performance design for computing systems is imperative. Our group aims to build secure-by-design, efficient, and advanced future systems through novel techniques spanning hardware, computer architecture and systems.



  • MetaLeak is accepted in ISCA’24! , Congrats Chowdhuryy! (March 2024)
  • One paper is accepted in AsiaCCS’24! , Congrats Chowdhuryy! (March 2024)
  • One paper is accepted in USENIX Security’24! (March 2024)
  • Our work DeepVenom is accepted in IEEE S&P’24. Congrats Kunbei! (March 2024)
  • Our patent on cache side channel detection has been granted. (Jan. 2024)
  • BeKnight is accepted in ICCAD’23. Congrats Chowdhuryy! (July 2023)
  • One paper is accepted in CCS’23. (May 2023)
  • Our work on PCM side channels is accepted in IEEE Micro. (Jan. 2023)
  • D-Shield is accepted in HPCA’23. Congrats Chowdhuryy! (Oct. 2022)
  • We released the PoC source code for DeepSteal side channel exploit in Github (June 2022)


Selected Publications

MetaLeak: Uncovering Side Channels in Secure Processor Architectures Exploiting Metadata
Md Hafizul Islam Chowdhuryy*, Hao Zheng and Fan Yao
IEEE/ACM Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA)
D-Shield: Enabling Processor-side Encryption and Integrity Verification for Secure NVMe Drives
Md Hafizul Islam Chowdhuryy*, Myoungsoo Jung, Fan Yao, Amro Awad
IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture
DeepSteal: Advanced Model Extractions Leveraging Efficient Weight Stealing in Memories
Adnan Siraj Rakin+, Md Hafizul Chowdhuryy+*, Fan Yao and Deliang Fan (+ Co-first authors)
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
LADDER: Architecting Content and Location-aware Writes for Crossbar Resistive Memories
Md Hafizul Chowdhuryy*, Muhammad R. Haq Rashed, Amro Awad, Rickard Ewetz and Fan Yao
The IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
DeepHammer: Depleting the Intelligence of Deep Neural Networks through Targeted Chain of Bit Flips
Fan Yao, Adnan Siraj Rakin and Deliang Fan
In USENIX Security Symposium

Talks and Demos

HW Security for AI: Privacy
HW Security for AI: Integrity
Speculation Security
Side Channels on NVMs
High Performance NVM Architecture
Microarchitecture Security