Towards Secure-By-Design Integration of Emerging Non-Volatile Memory in Future System

Computer systems are increasingly adopting Non-Volatile Memories (NVMs) that offer high capacity, superior power efficiency and persistent storage. Traditionally, tremendous effort has been made to address NVM security issues concerning the non-volatility property. However, the advent of hardware-based information leakage attacks necessities a systematic re-assessment of NVM memory architectures. This project is investigating the information security threats in the form of side and covert channels in computing systems where NVMs are integrated in different ways. A holistic examination of the security properties from device-level accesses to system-level management policies will be performed. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the potential attack vectors, this project will design efficient architecture and system-level defensive techniques to defeat futuristic adversaries exploiting the discovered information leakage vulnerabilities in NVM-based systems. Towards this end, this project aims to bolster information security for systems with NVM integration from the following aspects: (1) Securing NVM as main memory; (2) Securing DRAM/NVM Hybrid Memory System; (3) Securing NVMs as Fast Storage Devices.



R-SAW: New Side Channels Exploiting Read Asymmetry in MLC Phase Change Memories
Md Hafizul Islam Chowdhuryy, Rickard Ewetz, Amro Awad and Fan Yao
In IEEE International Symposium on Secure and Private Execution Environment Design (SEED)